Outsourcing Copy and Content: Why AI Will Never Outperform a Human Writer

AI has been making its presence felt in every creative field in recent months. From AI-created art and design to AI-created copy, it’s everywhere.

Some photographers, digital artists, and copywriters are throwing in the towel and switching careers, assuming that this is the end of their field.

Amidst all of this, I made the opposite move and switched into copy- and content writing.

Why would I do such a thing, when clearly, this is a challenging time in this industry?

It’s pretty simple, really: I’m a good writer, I love to write, and I don’t believe that AI can ever take the place of a talented human writer.

So, what makes me so sure of this? Why would I bet the farm, so to speak, on building my career on what some say is a dying profession?

The short answer is: because while AI can undoubtedly craft structurally sound sentences, nothing can replace the uniqueness found in every writer’s world view as it’s been shaped by their experience.

There are many things a human writer can do, that AI will never be able to. There is no replacement for human individuality, personality, and creativity.

Let me illustrate with just a few of the ways in which AI could never hope to match the talents of a human writer.


  1. Humans can understand nuance

Nuance in language and context is essential in delivering high-quality copy. A human writer can take into account the audience, tone, and style of writing necessary for a particular piece, and deliver tailored content that speaks to a specific demographic.


  1. Humans are emotional beings

We have emotions, intuition, and creativity, which allows us to craft copy that isn’t just accurate, but also engaging and persuasive. A human writer can take you on a journey with their words, to hold your attention and draw you into a story. They can write content that is truly unique and authentic, incorporating personal experiences and perspectives where appropriate, creating content that reflects your brand’s voice in a way no robot could ever replicate.


  1. Humans can research and analyse

While an AI can draw information from around the web, it lacks the ability to analyse it for accuracy or synthesise it in the way a human brain can. A human writer can collate information from many more places than just the web, including interviews with other humans, personal experience, and past research and writing. A human can fact-check, verify, and cross-reference information to ensure that all content delivered is reliable and credible.


  1. Humans have empathy

A human writer has the ability to understand and empathise with the reader, something that is essential for engaging the desired audience. They can anticipate the reader’s needs and concerns, and speak directly to their pain points, in order to convey the intended message in a way that lands with the audience the way it’s meant to.


  1. Humans understand sensitivity

A human copywriter has awareness of subtleties like cultural differences and sensitivities, ethical issues, and legal issues that require a high level of expertise and discretion to handle. This allows them to craft content in a way that is appropriate and respectful to their target audience.

While human error is certainly something to be aware of and mitigate, an AI cannot be programmed with cultural awareness and ethical sensitivity, and a faux pas in this area is almost guaranteed to happen when an AI is tasked with writing sensitive content.


  1. Humans are adaptive

A human writer can adapt their writing style and tone to match the specific requirements of any project. They understand the different requirements for different formats, that a social media post needs a particular style, while a blog needs another. They can also adapt to suit the target audience, using techniques like humour or storytelling to engage the reader.

They can also incorporate local knowledge that no AI has, thereby improving connection with local audiences.


  1. Humans can collaborate

A human copywriter can work as part of a team with designers, marketers, or SEO specialists, to ensure that content they create aligns with the goals and objectives of the brand it’s representing. Consistency is key in building trust, and humans can deliver this, both across different areas of the brand’s representation, but also over time.


  1. Humans can take constructive criticism

Human copywriters learn from every project they complete. The very nature of the role means they are always researching new topics, increasing their knowledge and experience as they do, and as a result, becoming better writers with every job. They can be given feedback on copy provided, and adjust in real-time, analysing their performance and refining their writing as they go.


  1. Humans can connect

Human beings understand connection in a way that no AI ever could. Human writers understand that the purpose of copy and content is to connect with its intended audience. To do so, they inject personality and understanding of the target audience into their writing, creating connection on an emotional level that leaves a lasting impression with readers.


  1. Humans can think outside the box

An AI can only deliver what it’s been programmed to deliver. It cannot think outside the box to deliver creative, original content in the way a human writer can, approaching a topic in a way that’s entirely new and fresh.


AI is (probably) here to stay.

But so are humans. In my view, AI is a helpful tool for writers and non-writers alike, but not a substitute. AI can make our lives easier, take care of some of the simpler tasks we need done as part of our jobs, in order to free up brain space for the more complex ones.

So. The next time you need ideas for birthday gifts for your nine-year-old nephew, or ideas on what to make with a can of chili beans, honey, pasta, and frozen mixed veggies, give ChatGPT a shot.

If you need to craft copy or content that reaches your audience and gives your business a boost, give me and my team of humans a call instead. We’d love to provide you with high quality, accurate, connection-oriented copy!

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