Our Gentle Sin 

Our Gentle Sin 

A novel written by Tara Lemana

Our Gentle Sin is a story about getting to know and love who we are even when the world tells us who we are is not acceptable.

Set against a backdrop of familial and societal judgment and expectations, the story explores concepts of love and loss, and asks the question whether it’s possible to ever experience true happiness without embracing who we are.

About Tara

Anthology Writing Studio is the brainchild of long-term Kāpiti Coast resident Tara Lemana. Tara is a creative soul, an international award-winning portrait photographer who has loved writing since she was just a child. She has worked as a copywriter at various times in her career, but has been primarily focused on photography in recent years.  

Having recently decided to take a step back from photography and shift focus back to writing, Tara is loving putting more time into her first passion again.

Tara and her family have lived in Kāpiti since 2006 and her children have attended local schools; you can often see her around the local walking tracks with the family’s dog, Thea. Tara has been involved in the community for many years, both as a collector for the Pink Ribbon Trust and an ambassador for the Body Image Movement.

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